Control, success, popularity.. We tell ourselves that these are our motivations. When we look closely, they appear more as desired outcomes, motivated by simple base needs from the wells of our animalistic selves. The need to multiply for the sake of continued existence. The more the merrier, but not without competition between lines.

Venns examines popular cultural trends, peeling back the compounded succession of layers in the order of outcome, motive and desire. What has been discovered is that the desire that is being served is frequently the same, regardless of category of environment. Commercial sports culture is the same as celebrity entertainment culture, is the same as political culture, is the same as military culture.

We tell ourselves that we are so much different than this group or that group. But that is just the story that we tell ourselves.


Systems are back on line and functioning normally • Venns has turned the lights back on and eradicated the crickets. Bunn has been knocking out new jams, getting em over to Kaps for vocal treatment. It's looking like a one song at a time release schedule.

Live • Expect to see Venns play out with a laptop. It's digital. It's the future.